The Dog that Followed me Home

A friend and I met up one late night for a couple of beers to unwind from the work week.

I live quite near our favorite watering hole and thus have no problem getting home even when I’m stinking drunk since I live a scant five to ten minutes away, definitely walking distance.

We capped off our session at about 2 o’clock in the morning and we proceeded to walk back to my block since that’s where he catches a jeep back to his own home as well.

We were a bit drunk at that point to say the least.

We were barely a hundred meters away from the bar when I noticed a dog was following us. It didn’t really look particularly dangerous so I didn’t pay it much attention. After about a block I noticed that it was still a few feet behind us.

I finally mentioned it to my buddy.

“Hey, this dog’s following us” I said.

He took a glance at the mutt and just laughed about it. A few minutes later the dog was still on our trail which made me wonder why it was following us.

“Do you have food or something with you? Maybe that’s what it’s smelling?” I asked.

“Wala. Just yosi.”

“I think it likes you.”

We were walking somewhere near the establishments at the nearby mall. Just for fun (and to see if the dog will still follow) we skipped over to the pedestrian lane.

And it did.

“Wow! I think it really likes you, Neil” I joked.

The dog was making me a bit uneasy though. What if it was a mad dog?


On a whim, my buddy and I cross the four lane street, a major thoroughfare which normally would be swarming with vehicles on more decent hours.

Thinking that we had finally lost the dog, we looked back and lo and behold!

The dog was crossing the street and I could’ve sworn it looked both ways before it crossed. A few moments later it was a few feet behind us again as we continued on back to my place.

This is seriously freaking me out.

This dog shouldn’t even be up at this hour much less active since canines aren’t supposed to be nocturnal. The only thing that I could think of was that maybe it was an insomniac and was walking around to help it get to sleep.

Still trying to make light of the situation however, I came up with a quick plan.

“You cross this side and I’m going to cross to the other side of the street” I told Neil as we approached the street’s intersection.

“Let’s see who this dog really is following.”

We go our own separate ways (within seeing distance of each other of course).

After crossing to our respective side of the streets we stopped to see what our four legged friend would do which would be to cross the street…in my direction!

What the f—!

Neil was looking at me from the other side of the street with a very perplexed expression that looked like he was also at a loss at how to explain this particular situation.

I racked my alcohol addled brain trying to think why this dog would be following me.

As it got nearer I crossed the street back to Neil’s side of the street (safety in numbers and all). Yes, the dog also proceeded to follow me and, at that moment, it was indeed checking both ways before crossing.

The only thing I can think of at that particular time why the dog is following me was that it was an aswang and it wanted to eat me.

Not this boy, nosiree!

I thought of confronting it and asking why it was following me just like in the old Komiks that I read as a child about the supernatural.

There were still some people in the street however despite the time (this is Makati after all) and I didn’t want to look like some loony giving some random dog a piece of my mind.

“Why are you following me? You want to eat me, ano?”

No way.

So my friend and I did the only thing two grown men who had a bit too much to drink can do at a time like this.

We hid.

There were some electric posts and we hid ourselves behind those carefully avoiding the animal’s line of sight as it got to our side of the street.

It was tracking our footsteps keeping its nose close to the ground as if trying to find our scent.

After a few moments it seemed to have lost the trail and went back to the other side of the street as if trying to find my tracks. All this time we were behind some posts watching the mutt trying to find us.

After minute or two the dog stopped trying to find our trail and went back the same way as we came.

Ha! Once again we thwarted evil!

We started walking again, relieved that we finally lost the dog.

I felt a bit sheepish however.

I mean it was just a dog after all.

This is what happens when you’re drunk, have an overactive imagination, and have an abundant store of stories about the supernatural supplied to you care of your yayas back in your childhood days.

Eventually we get to my condominium building and Neil takes a jeep back home.

I take an elevator up beginning to feel drowsy and sleepy.

I get to my floor and as I was walking down the hallway to my unit, the lights flicker a bit, and I think I hear footsteps behind me.

Footsteps of the four legged kind.

I run to my door, fumble with the keys, and got inside as fast as I could. I never looked back, not once.

I slept with the covers over me the whole night.

Stupid overactive imagination!


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