How to have an AWESOME Valentine’s Day Date

It such a hassle going out on a date on Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

All the good restaurants are full, the movie houses are packed, and there’s a long waiting line at the motels for those looking for a little bit of sexy time to celebrate. Don’t even get me started on the traffic (it’s almost as bad as the traffic during the Christmas Season and All Souls/Saints Day).

The Filipino people are big on romance and that is never as apparent as it is on Valentine’s Day. Come hell or high water, Pinoys will celebrate it. The crush of humanity out on February 14 however makes it quite a challenge to celebrate Valentine’s though that doesn’t mean however that you can’t do anything special for your lady love.

It just takes a bit of planning and plenty of imagination.

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Meal

The dinner (or at least a meal) is one of the staples of a Valentine’s Date but with all the restaurants taken, how are you going to eat out much less something special (believe me: even the fast food chains are not exempt)?

I have two suggestions: a) prepared a nice home cooked candle-lit dinner or b) go out for a picnic. Extra pogi points if you can actually pull off both.

Both suggestions are sure to be appreciated by your lady love because you took the time and effort to do this for her and it’s probably something that she hasn’t experienced. If you don’t actually know how to cook, you can just have something nice delivered and focus more on the presentation and creating a romantic ambiance.

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Activity

Another staple of the Valentine’s Day Date is the movie date which means of course that all the movie houses will be full (unless you reserved your tickets weeks in advance). I’m pretty sure that it’s not just going to be the romantic chick flicks experiencing good patronage.

While the rest of the crowd flock to the cinemas, you can show off your new found culture and plan an evening at the theatre instead with your amore. Try to find something a bit light hearted, maybe a comedy. Definitely not a play that’s dark and depressing because that’s sure to kill off any romantic engagement you may be planning.

In the event that a play is not feasible you can also try taking to the local amusement park and try to recapture that sense of child-like wonder. If she’s a bit on the athletic side you can try a session of Laser Tag or go wall-climbing.

If she’s not into those things however you can try treating her to a luxurious session to a spa (no woman can resist being pampered).  The best choice really, especially if she’s been having a really bad week at the office.

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Gift

This part is the most crucial part of the whole Valentine’s Day experience for her.

She may find the dinner delicious and have fun at the play but it’s all going to be for nothing if you can’t find her a gift that will remind her how awesome this Valentine’s was for her. That is the primary purpose of the gift so it should be something that she may use (or at least see) on a regular basis for maximum effect.

Here are some suggestions:

1. A piece of jewellery might just be what the doctor ordered, such as a nice bracelet or a necklace (no rings…save that for when you’re ready to ask her to marry you).
2. Perfume will work just as nicely, assuming you know your lady love and her tastes enough to pick her a brand she’ll really love.
3. Sexy lingerie. ‘Nuff said!

Bonus Ideas

Nice gifts doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Here’re a few gift ideas to stack the odds in your favor.

1. Make her a video of romantic songs (this generation’s version of the mix tape). Upload it on YouTube for maximum effect. You’ll embarrass her for sure for you’ll tickle her off her feet (and pants, if you’re lucky).
2. If you’re creatively gifted, make her a song or a portait. Immortalize her in music or in art. There’s not a lot of girls who have artistic boyfriends and they’re going to be the envy of their friends when they see what her beau made for her especially if you’re actually talented.
3. Customized apparel such as couple shirts (you can find kiosks providing this type of service for a set price at almost any malls these days) or matching items such as shoes (some stores carry specific his and her lines of products to choose from).

Your best bet is not to follow the crowd. If you can come up with something different, your girl will remember this Valentine’s Day forever and will be extremely grateful.

I’m sure you can think of something so she can show you just how grateful she is.


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