3 Ways to get noticed by your Boss

Doing your job is not enough these days which is to say, the bare minimum doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, you’re going to have to level up your game and be seen by the boss while doing it which is easier said than done.

Here are three ways you to get noticed in the office (in a good way of course):


Whether it’s the office Christmas Party or organizing a team building activity, volunteering makes you visible as someone who can get stuff done which is excellent especially if you’re gunning for promotion. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to show off your organizational and management skills, putting you in your boss’ top of mind when it’s time to appoint a new supervisor or manager.

Speak up

Let your voice be heard whether it’s in the form of taking the lead when communicating with clients, spearheading a presentation, or just asking questions in behalf of other employees when something is not clear. Being vocal means you’re not afraid of speaking your mind, which makes you a definite standout especially in groups where almost everybody is afraid of rocking the boat.


One way to catch the attention of top management and put yourself in a positive light is by taking initiative. This could be in the form of anticipating a potential problem and then taking steps to deal with it before it even becomes an issue. Someone who takes it upon themselves to act to address an issue without having to be prodded is considered a valuable asset and definitely management material.

If you follow these tips and be consistent, you’ll definitely be coming up in your boss’ radar.


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