The Year that was 2016

Every year I try to write a sort of round up article, a year-end report if you will.

While 2016 was not a good year (for me at least), it was definitely an improvement over 2015. So what has happened this year?

I Got a New Job

I’ve recently accepted an offer as the Studio Manager for the Manila branch of the Ladbrokes Coral Group, the leading multi-channel bookmarking and gaming company in the UK. It has international reach and a combined 230 years of heritage. It should be exciting times for me.

Slinging Ink

I wrote a grand total of 4 blog articles this year. Four! Three of those were new features, tackling work-related advice and one recycled article about how to have an awesome Valentine’s Day from an old defunct blog. I keep telling myself I really should do better next year.

Failing to Chase Light

Aside from blogging, I’ve been somewhat remiss in taking pictures as far as the last quarter of the year was concerned. Demands from work ate up much of my free time, time usually spend indulging my photography hobby. I hope to make up for it next year as I plan to do some traveling.

Panel to Panel

I continue to make comic books but have lain off the drawing part of it, preferring to stick with the writing part instead. Neil Amiel Cervantes and his team of creatives take care of the visual production for me while I tackle the writing and design side of a comic book project.

While 2016 has been a roller coaster ride of sorts, I am very happy that it is ending on a very positive note. I’ve embarked on a new career, have a clean bill of health, and have love in my life.

I’ll see you all on the other side.


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